IMG_5113Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes for being outside for 2-3 hours. Long pants, sneakers or hiking boots are recommended. Sandals or shorts are not recommended. Temperature is typically very similar to that on the ground during the flying period.

Can people come watch my flight?

Yes we welcome family and friends to come see you fly. We do not have transportation for additional people to and from the launch site but we welcome them to follow in their own vehicle.

Where do we fly from?

We have many locations in South-Central Indiana from which are flights originate. We don’t choose a launch location until less and an hour before the flight. Launch locations are based on weather conditions, specifically wind direction.

Where do we land?

We land in a back yard, open field, park, school or other open space, again our specific location is based on the wind direction during the flight. Many of our flights end in nice grass lawns, however we do land in pastures or fields which might have tall grass or weeds.

IMG_0046What can I take with me on my flight?

Cameras are always welcome, still digital pocket size are always best as they can be stowed away prior to landing. Video cameras are not recommended, as they really don’t capture the experience. Purses and other personal items are not necessary and we recommend you leave them on the ground. Cell phones are allowed, however we recommend you don’t make calls as this may disrupt others on the flight and reception is not always good.

My gift is due to expire what should I do?

Our calendar often fills up 2-4 weeks in advance so don’t wait to schedule your flight, we recommend you schedule 4-8 weeks out. If your flight is canceled do to weather conditions or at our request your flight certificate will not expire.

6-25-am-flight--(6)I need to cancel, what should I do?

If you cancel 8 days prior to your flight there is no penalty. Cancellations within a week of your flight the full cost of the ride is forfeited. We do not provide cash or credit refunds.

When will I know if the weather is good for flying?

Sometimes we know the weather several days before our flights, but most of the time a decision is not made until a few hours before the flight. ALWAYS show up for your flight at the scheduled time unless you hear from the pilot or the pilot makes other arrangements. A decision may not be made until after your arrive for your flight.

IMG_0039Where do I meet the balloon?

You will receive an email or U.S. mail confirmation that will include information about your flight and meeting location.