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Preparing for Flight


TJV Balloons operates year round and is the oldest running balloon ride company in the area. Our pilots were trained in Bloomington and have flight experience in both the Bloomington and southern Indiana area. We conduct most of our flights on weekends.

Hot air ballooning is one of the safest forms of flying available today. Balloons are aircraft and are governed by the Federal Aviation Administration. All pilots and balloons are licensed and required to follow government regulations. Like all aircraft, the ballooning equipment must also be FAA certified. We have been operating and providing passenger rides in the Bloomington area since 1988 and utilize commercial pilots and experienced crew. Ballooning is a sport that must be experienced to fully appreciate. Ballooning offers a sense of adventure mixed with a feeling of relaxation. It is a participation sport with passengers, pilot and crew all sharing in the fun. Ballooning is a fair weather sport and flights take place only when the weather conditions are appropriate. Flights are scheduled in the early morning and evening hours, since this is when the winds are calmest and best for flying. Balloon rides are approximately an hour of flight time.

The starting point is often a school yard or open field. Before inflating, the balloon is stretched out and the basket and envelope are attached. Once complete, the crew can begin inflating the balloon. Passengers are encouraged to be involved in the inflation process.

Once the balloon is partially full of cold air, the burners are ignited and the balloon comes to an upright position in a few seconds. The pilot and crew provide the passengers with instructions on how to enter the basket. Additional crew members drive chase vehicles and follow the balloon on the ground. All balloon rides are conducted by an FAA licensed pilot and experienced ground crew who have radio communication throughout the flight. Once airborne, the balloon travels with the wind – taking participants over stunning parts of the city and countryside.

Passengers are encouraged to dress in comfortable clothing with shoes made for outdoor activities. Our landings are often in large fields that may have tall grass, so shorts are not recommended. Be ready for fun, cameras are greatly encouraged



(Reservations are required) Cross Country Flights
One person: $375

Two people: $750

Private flights (for 2) are $850

  • Additional persons $375 per person
  • Children under 14 years old is $250 per person
  • Credit card or gift certificate required for reservation.
  • Payment not required until date of flight.
  • Gift Certificates available.
  • Due to unpredictable fuel costs, prices are subject to change.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, personal checks and cash.

Groups larger than four are not guaranteed in one balloon.  We utilize the internet to sale gift certificates and to make all reservations.  Fall schedule typically fills up in August.

If you need to reach us, please contact us through our online form.