Balloon Sales

TJV Balloons is a full service balloon company offering sales of new and used equipment. We are dealers of the finest balloon equipment available Lindstrand Balloons US. We have been flying Lindstrand balloons in our fleet for more than 20 years and believe they are the best equipment available. A link to the Lindstand factory site is below.

We work to provide quality service to our commercial customers. We work closely with all our customers to provide them with a product that meets their needs.   If it is a fun non corporate balloon you are looking for we can work with you to design a beautiful unique envelope, we have a variety of colors and patterns to choose from.  The sky is the limit when it comes to balloon design.

As part of our hot air balloon sales we provide factory renderings of commercial balloons or sport balloons, these renderings allow our customers to see what the balloon will actually look like in the area. Actual photos of the finished products are also seen below.

You can design your own balloon by downloading the pattern below and coloring it to see what your balloon design would look like in the air.

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balloonrendering AVocalOn


wayne-county-fair        avoc1

jasper5       two oliver winery balloons

balloon water reflection

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